Why Maximus?


Maximus was a general of the ancient Rome, who fought his way through with the help of his strength and honour. Nowadays, he is more like a symbol of justice, virtuousness and decency. Maximus inspired us to open our restaurant and to always give the Maximum to our guests.


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our story

Welcome to Maximus!

Why exactly a steakhouse?

Our own dream, which has always pushed us to create this place. We wished to create something special as we beleive there’s no similar restuarant in this area which offers such specialities.

We knew, that with the help of a fantastic team, it will be possible!

After a huge amount of training and practice, we achieved the quality, which we are proud to present.

Furthermore, we were also inspired by the proximity of Lake Balaton.

It is really easy to reach our restaurant by car or by foot in order to enjoy the foods and drinks on our terrace or in the cozy inside area.

Our Specialities

The Josper furnace and the Mangalice T-Bone Steak

Our kitchen is special manly because of the Josper furnace. Heated by charcoal, it is capable of making any kind of grilled or baked dish
with a completly unique taste.

Meats prepared in this furnace remain soft and juicy.

By utilizing the advantagaes of this furnace, we prepare our Chicken Supreme, fishes, different kind of steaks, so the Mangalica Steak as well.

The Mangalica T-bone is soft, creamy, full of Omega-3 and minerals. By keeping it’s naturalness and adding our own spices, we provide
a fantastic gastronomic-experience.

Inside area

Quality equipments

High quality, uniquely designed inside area where everyone (adults and children as well) can sit down and have a great time. Morever, by our open-view kitchen guests can have an insight of how our dishes are made.

Outside Area


Our terrace is open all year long. Sitting here in the summer we can enjoy the view of our park with fountains here. In the winter, we can feel like we are next to a skating rink.
In Spring and Autumn we can enjoy the silence and peace of the nature.

Unique barbecue design

Josper furnace

Unique taste with the help of the greates glow: individual texture and juice.
Thanks to the high quality, meats do not dry out and do not burn.


What did others say about our restaurants?

“Really tasty foods”

Really tasty foods, great service, absolutelty recommended for everyone.

“Pleasent environment”

Pleasent environment, professional service, great foods/drinks.


Ambitious inside area, nice terrace, faboulus dishes. Thank you for welcoming us! It wasn’t our last visit, that’s for sure!.


“Thank you for the delicious lunch!”

Opening Hours

12:00 – 22:00

12:00 – 23:00

11:00 – 23:00

11:00 – 22:00

Contact us

8230 Balatonfüred | Zákonyi Ferenc utca 95/8hrsz.
+36 70 557 9501
+36 20 537 6130

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